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The term biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyse human physiological or behavioral characteristics for authentication or identification purposes. Some of the most widely used characteristics or biometric factors are fingerprints, irises, voice patterns and the spatial geometry of the face. To start with, let us explain why biometrics are needed more than ever. Physical access control, say to a building, is generally based on locks and keys, on badge readers or on few-digit pincodes which are easily lost or stolen by malicious individuals. Because for access control based on keys or badges the authentication factor is something you have, there is no real guarantee that the person entering your building is the individual that was granted access in the first place. The same accounts for access to computerized systems, access control there is mostly based on passwords or pincodes thus the authentication factor is something you know. Unfortunately end users have to remember such an amount of passwords and pincodes that they no longer apply good password practices. End users tend to write passwords down, to keep new passwords as simple as possible and to use always the same password.

To end this preliminary outline, a few examples of biometric solutions which are detailled further on this website.

  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Iris recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Voice recognition
  • Retina recognition
  • Hand geometry recognition

Biowedge Plug-in

Plug-in System that works with your software.The BioWedge Finger Scanner is simply the world's best identification system. Easy-to-use & integrate... the aplications are limitless! Capable of identifying up to 20,000 enrollees.

Point-of-Sale Integration

Sick of dealing with lost cards or stolen PINs? Ownership can benefit from having pre-deposited money accessible by people who successfully bio-id. Safer, cheaper, convenient & more profitable that a credit card.

Custom Biometrics

We create a Eduweb for your problem. Biometric Solution provides custom solutions that will benefit various markets such as Healthcare, Education, Government, Hospitality, Convenience and more!