Product Engineering & Testing Services

As the world moves rapidly from 3G to LTE & beyond, we assist our Customers with reliable & efficient expertise to achieve their objectives faster & cheaper!

    LTE Product Development

    Some of us worked on LTE Solutions since the specs arrived first time. More than a decade of experience

    Telecom Testing & Automation

    End-to-End Regression, Conformance, Load Testing for LTE, 3G, IMS & Interworking.

    Networking & IPSec

    Expertise on IPSec and networking, application layer/user simulation.

Product Engineering & Testing Services

    Product Engineering & Maintenance

  • Capable of delivering quality solutions to client’s requirements. Core applications & scripting packages development, good knowledge on EAST, ixLoad, dsTest proprietary tools. We can engineer applications for LTE interfaces / protocols, 3G / IMS.
  • Networking & IPSec

  • Proficient in developing security protocol stacks like IPSec, SRTP, EAP, and SSL/TLS etc. using variety of open source libraries and hardware accelerators. Integrating crypto libraries and accelerators available with OpenSSL, Strongswan, Xpressent. Intel® QuickAssist Technology in different form factors (SoC, PCI-E Adapter), Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (AES-NI), Intel® DPDK using Intel® QAT and AES-NI, Cavium Octeon® and Nitrox® Security Processors.
  • Network Function Virtualization & SDN

  • Operators are adopting NFV and SDN technologies to reduce cost, share resources, speed up TTM & facilitate rapid innovation. We work on advanced techniques such as hypervisor, cloud stack, open flow, Intel DPDK and SR-IOV with our customers to achieve high performance Virtual Network Functions (VNF) that can be deployed on virtual IMS, EPC and backhaul networks.

    Telecom Testing & Automation

  • Complete solution for Telecom Networks Testing. Test elements in isolation, to End-to-End. Control & User plane tests, Real World Traffic Simulation, Intra-LTE & inter-RAT tests. Conformance, Regression, Load testing & test automation to reduce burden.
  • WebRTC for Telecoms

  • WebRTC GW, Media GW, Application server and Media Server bridges telecom VoIP and IMS networks with an open ecosystem of internet networks to deliver interoperable rich multimedia communication services to a single or multiple users.

  • Enhancing & testing latest Networking and Cellular technologies

  • We offer decades of experience to address the entire spectrum of engineering requirements of LTE silicon vendors, OEMs, network equipment manufacturers and operators. Deep domain expertise that has, over the years, translated into a range of demoable proof of concepts/prototypes & solutions developed in-house.

Network Playground of our Services

For the foreseeable future, wireless networks will be a mix of different technologies including LTE, 2G, 3G, UMTS, CDMA..Different domains need to seamlessly interwork, esp. for Mobility. Challenges ahead also include continuing explosive growth in Mobile Data & Operators have always the need to manage this data, profitably. Again Inherent Security vulnerability of an All-IP network is going to remain as a challenge. We can provide expertise to do surround testing- simulate all required elements to completely surround the System Under Test. We do validate multiple domains, interfaces, protocol testing for both signaling & Bearer.

We can support interfaces needed to test mobility: S10, S3, Gn, S4, S12, S101, S102, S103, Sv, IuPS, Gb, Gn, IuCS, A, A1, S2a, STa, Gxa…almost the entire gamut of LTE interfaces. We can also support features needed to effectively test mobility: NACC, SRVCC, bearer continuity verification, response time measurements etc.

Whether you are needing engineering expertise or wishing to optimize your test investment, we can do them for you efficiently. Anything in the network playground below can become a joint playground. Reach out to us!